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Rhythmplex creates experiences. Projects have involved releasing music as a book, using taste to conjur memories and developing an event disguised as physical media. Through ideas, energy and work, innovative and inspired moments occur where change can be felt by all involved.

Directed by Jon Mueller since 2009, project partnerships have included AIGA, Alverno Presents, Eaux Claires Festival and Viva! Art Montreal. Whether involving teams of people from various disciplines or simply Mueller himself, the aim for all projects is to reveal something meaningful, memorable and useful.

Individuals involved in either past or upcoming Rhythmplex projects include Marielle Allschwang, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Crumbs, Martha Bayne, Betty Blexrud-Strigens, Stacy Blint, Amalinda Burich, Faith Coloccia, Mark Dawursk, Chris DeMay, Ariele Ebacher, Mark Fairbanks, Jaime Fennelly, William Ryan Fritch, Angelique Grandone, Sally Haldorson, Ken Hanson, Adam Heathcott, Chris Hefner, Nathaniel Heuer, Ania Hildago, Rebecca Hinsdale, Dixie Jacobs, Chris Koelle, Jessi Kolberg, Andrew Lange, Sharon Lanza, Rollie Layman, Tom Lecky, Laura Lippert, Jeff Lipton, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Andrew McKenzie, Grace McKirdy, Blyth Meier, Ann Marie Meiers, Jon Minor, Meredith Miller, Andrew Morgan, Gretchen Morganstern, Jon Mueller, Teresa Mueller, Margaret Muza, Sara Padgett-Heathcott, Ken Palme, Bruce Collin Paulson, Natasha Pickowicz, James Plotkin, Hal Rammel, Lillian Rammel, David Ravel, Alexandria Reindl, Maria Rice, Chris Rosenau, Jen Schattschneider-Roach, Aaron Schleicher, Dylan Schleicher, Molly Shanahan, Kaveh Soofi, Daniel Spack, Dawn Springer, Damian Strigens, Katie Stimson, Rory Trainor, Aaron Turner, Todd Umhoefer, Christal Wagner, Mark Waldoch, Jim Warchol, Erin Wolf, and Milan Zori.


Jon Mueller studied literature, film, music, and business, receiving a bachelor of arts degree in English in 1995 and a master of business administration degree in 2008. He has since worked in arts and business communications, marketing and publishing.

Mueller has been a drummer and percussionist since 1985. Covering a variety of genres and techniques over the years, his aim has been to use drums, percussion and sound as a way to express something felt but not easily defined. Audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and the United Kingdom have described his performances as ‘cathartic’, ‘intense,’ and ‘meditative’. Notable solo performances have taken place at the Guggenheim Museum, New Museum, SXSW, Alverno Presents, Hopscotch Fest, and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal.

From 2013-15, Mueller created and directed the multi-disciplinary project Death Blues. From music recordings and performances, to writing, video, dance, and more, the aim of the project was to encourage focus on each moment and build understanding for what is important in one’s life. The project issued four critically acclaimed recordings. Non-fiction was cited as one of the ’20 Best Avant Albums of 2014′ by Rolling Stone. Ensemble, created with multi-instrumentalist William Ryan Fritch, was featured on NPR’s ‘First Listen’.

In the late 1990s/early 2000s, Mueller was the drummer in the bands Pele and Collections of Colonies of Bees, both of which released numerous records and toured internationally. He later joined with bandmates from these groups and vocalist Justin Vernon of Bon Iver to form Volcano Choir. Volcano Choir’s 2013 record Repave debuted at number 40 on the Billboard charts. The group performed on the NBC show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, experienced multiple sold out tours in the US, Canada, and Europe, and performed at international festivals such as Primavera and Osheaga.

From 1999 – 2009 he owned the recording label and promotion company Crouton, which published and promoted over 40 releases in deluxe presentations from artists such as The Hafler Trio, Asmus Tietchens, Z’EV, Osso Exotico, Daniel Menche, Jason Kahn, Raymond Dijkstra, Richard Chartier, Lionel Marchetti, Robert Hampson, Jarboe, and more. Crouton also organized events in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas with artists from around the world. These were documented by the press and even filmed as part of a PBS documentary on jazz musician Ken Vandermark.

Mueller has given talks about listening and creativity at Loyola University, Viva! Art Action, Translator Lab, Wesleyan University, and PechaKucha.

He has published two works of fiction, Pianobread and Endings, and contributed non-fiction writing to ChangeThis, Pear Noir!, and more.

“If something interests me, it comes out in various ways, or if I favor a certain feel, attitude, approach, etc., any work I do is going to contain elements of that,” explains Mueller. “When one wholly engages in something―physically, mentally, spiritually―that thing will carry through to something else we do. It’s now a part of our thinking and understanding. In that sense, we are like drums. How we are struck determines our response.” – excerpt from an interview in Paris Transatlantic


The recording discography of Jon Mueller since 1997.

Tongues, LP/digital, Rhythmplex (US), 2016
A Magnetic Center, cassette/digital, Rhythmplex (US), 2015
INITIATION, Rhythmplex (US), 2015
Alphabet of Movements LP, Type Records (UK), 2011
V/A – Coupling: Dedicated to the Man and Based on the Work of Stan Brakhage CD, Silent Media (US), 2011
V/A: Fall/Winter 2010: Issue 37.1 magazine – “Gospel”, Black Warrior Review (US), 2010
The Whole CD/LP+bonus CD, Type Records (UK), 2010
Halves cassette, Notice Recordings (US), 2010
Physical Changes LP/CD/DVD, Radium/Table of the Elements (US), 2009
Jon Mueller/Gino Robair split – “Dot Feed” track on split 3” CD, Compost and Height (UK), 2009
Strung 12″, Table of the Elements (US), 2008
Hollow Voices/Singing Hands cassette, Friends and Relatives (US), 2008
Metals CD, Table of the Elements (US), 2008
Emerson Hi-Fidelity CD, Autumn Records (US), 2005
What’s Lost Is Something Important. What’s Found Is Something Not Revealed. CD, Crouton (US), 2005
V/A: the audible still-life CD – “Heat”, Stasisfield (US), 2003
V/A: Just Drums CD – “Pop”, Fever Pitch (US), 2003
Solo Percussion For Two – “Beyond the Surface of Actions”, Split 7” with Jeph Jerman, No Information Records (US), 2003
“A Wooden Bicycle” MP3 release, Stassisfield.com (US), 2002
Folktales No. 2 – “How I Learned To Breathe” 3” CD, Crouton (US), 2001

Jon Mueller + Duane Pitre – Inverted Torch LP, Type Records (UK), 2014
Olivia Block – Karren LP, Sedimental (US), 2013
V/A: New Music for Old Instruments CD – “This is How We Sing” (Mueller + Jozef Van Wissem + Robbie Lee), Incunabulum Records (US/NE), 2012
Jon Mueller + James Plotkin – Terminal Velocity 2xLP, Taiga Records (US), 2012
V/A (Mueller appears with James Plotkin) – Utech Records Music Fest 2xCD, Utech Records/KFJC (US), 2012
V/A (Mueller appears with Burkhard Beins) – Bridges 2xLP, Machinefabriek (NL), 2011
John Cage – The Works for Percussion I DVD, Mode Records (US), 2011
Jon Mueller + Z’EV – HYDratioN LP, Important Records (US), 2010
Jason Kahn + Jon Mueller – Phase digital release, FSS (US), 2010
MOUTHS – 3v1/3v2 CD, Absurd (GR), 2008
Jon Mueller and Jason Kahn – Topography CD, Xeric/Crouton (US), 2008
Melissa St. Pierre – Specimens CD, Radium (US), 2008
Rhys Chatham – Guitar Trio is My Life 3xCD, Radium (US), 2008
Asmus Tietchens and Jon Mueller – Acht Stücke CD, Auf Abwegen (DE), 2007
Jeph Jerman and Jon Mueller – Nodes and Anti-Nodes DVD, Crouton (US), 2007
Tim Catlin/Jon Mueller – Plates and Wires CD, Crouton (US), 2007
Jon Mueller/Martijn Tellinga – bowl, helicopter CDep, Korm Plastics (NL), 2007
MOUTHS/Haptic – split LP, Entr’acte (UK), 2006
Jason Kahn/Jon Mueller – Supershells CD, Formed Records (US), 2006
Werner Moebius/Jon Mueller/Jim Schoenecker – Amalgam CD, Utech Records (US), 2006
The Portable Quartet – Take The Train CD, Crouton (US), 2005
Carol Genetti/Jon Mueller/Jack Wright – Nom Tom CD, Spring Garden Music (US), 2005
Jon Mueller and Kaveh Soofi – Endings book, Crouton (US), 2004
Jon Mueller and Jim Schoenecker – The Interview CD, Longbox Recordings (US), 2004
Jason Kahn and Jon Mueller – Papercuts CD, Crouton (US), 2004
Jon Mueller/Bhob Rainey/Jim Schoenecker – S/T CD, Crouton (US), 2004
Hat Melter (Hess/Klatt/Mueller/Turner) – Unknown Album LP, Crouton (US), 2003
Asmus Tietchens/Jon Mueller – 7 Stücke CD, Auf Abwegen (DE), 2003
Raccoons (Jon Mueller/Hal Rammel/Chris Rosenau) – Mother 2xCD, Crouton (US), 2002
Aranos/Mueller/Rosenau – Bleeding In Behind Pastel Screens CD, Crouton (US), 2001
Nelson-Raney, Steve/Jon Mueller – Cutting Off The Edge Of Time CD, Penumbra Music (US), 2001
Lancaster, Byard Trio – S/T CD, Soutrane Recording Company (US), 2000
Field Of Sound – S/T CD, Soutrane Recording Company (US), 2000
Castle Broadway – S/T CD, Soutrane Recording Company (US), 2000
Raccoons (Jon Mueller/Hal Rammel/Chris Rosenau) – S/T CD– Crouton (US), 2000
Pianobread – S/T, book/CD box (performed on CD and also wrote novella of the same title in box) Crouton (US), 1999

Death Blues
Ensemble LP/Book, Rhythmplex (US),  2014
Non-fiction LP, Sige (US), 2014
Death Blues
 LP, Taiga/Hometapes (US), 2013
Death Blues digital, Hometapes (US), 2012
Here: An Advanced Study of Death Blues CD, Rhythmplex (US), 2012

Volcano Choir
Repave LP/CD, Jagjaguwar (US), 2013
Contrarede (JP), 2009
LP/CD, Jagjaguwar (US), 2009

Collections of Colonies of Bees
Giving CD/LP, Hometapes (US), 2011
Giving CD, Contrarede (JP), 2010
Toe/Collections of Colonies of Bees split CD, Contrarede (JP), 2009
Impala Eardrums CD/LP, “Athlete,” Radium/Table of the Elements (US), 2008
Six Guitars 12″, Table of the Elements (US), 2008
Birds CD/LP, Radium/Table of the Elements (US), 2008
Customer CD/LP, Polyvinyl Records (US), 2004, CD on Some of Us (JP), 2004
Eyebrows CD, Self-released for Japan tour, 2004
meyou CD, Crouton (US), 2003
fa.ce (a CD, Crouton (US), 2002
Rance CD, Crouton (US), 2000
S/T CD, the Rosewood Union (UK), 1999

A Scuttled Bender in a Watery Closet 2xCD, Polyvinyl Record Co. (US), 2009
Last Show 2xDVD, Contrarede (JP), 2009
“Drop Attack,” Pele/Toe split CD, Dis(ign) Muzyq (JP), 2001, 7” on Polyvinyl Records (US), 2004
“Cigarette Papers,” Toe: Re:designed CD, Catune (JP), 2003
Enemies CD/LP, Polyvinyl Record Co. (US), 2002
“Hagoo,” Split LP with Rhythm of Black Lines, Sixgunlover Records (US), 2002
“Five Years in Four Minutes,” Sangatsu remix CD, Weather Records (JP), 2001
“Gas The Nutsy,” Re Direction compilation CD, Polyvinyl Record Co. (US), 2001
The Nudes CD/LP, Polyvinyl Record Co. (US), 2000
Realize It 12”/CD, Crouton (US), 2000
“Positive Woman,” it goes without saying compilation CD, Sign Language Records (US), 1999
Elephant CD, Sign Language Records (US), 1999 (also released on Polyvinyl Records (US), 2003
“Blue Cecil b/w Apiary” 12”, the Rosewood Union (UK), 1998
Emergency Room Egg CD, Crouton (US) + Japan only edition, 1998
People Living with Animals. Animals Kill People. CD, Star Star Stereo (US), 1998
Teaching the History of Teaching Geography CD, Star Star Stereo (US), (also released on the Rosewood Union (UK)), 1998

Memory CD, Crouton (US), 2001
Over (Jarboe/Telecognac) CD, Crouton (US), 2000
Flor (Story and 3”cd) Crouton (US), 2000
“The Possibility Of A Face,” Crouton Number Two CD, Crouton (US), 1999
“Paper weight,” Various 500 Lock-Grooves by 500 Artists LP, RRRecords (US), 1998
“White Christmas,” angels we have heard in hi-fi compilation cassette, Molotov Cocktail Recordings (US), 1997
“Pause Until I Mocket,” Existence compilation LP (US), 1997
S/T CD, Lombardi Recording Company (US), 1997