Jon Mueller ‘Codex Intueri’


Digital and cassette editions available at the Rhythmplex Bandcamp page. Both include unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC.

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Product Description

Rhythm is a universally understood element. The intuition to move in response to rhythm, or at least recognize the feeling, speaks to the relationship between rhythm and our bodies. It’s an intuitive language.

Intuition is also at work in creating rhythms. What combination of notes causes the deepest resonance? When does the connection to them feel strongest? Like dreams, the answers to these questions seem to be somewhere within us, as reflected by artist Jesse Bransford, whose ‘Dream Stave’ is featured on the record’s cover. In old Norse translation, ‘stave’ can be understood as ‘spelling’ in order to create meaning. Similarly, the repetitive notes of rhythm can seem to spell a kind of hidden meaning between our intuition and movement.

‘Codex Intueri’ was conceived and performed by Jon Mueller, using drums, percussion and gongs. The pieces were then arranged and mixed by James Plotkin, who reveals constructions of rhythms that imply distinct experiences. Also adding modular synthesizer on each piece, James’ overall approach to these recordings blurs the line between acoustic drumming and more formalized techno music.